National Journal of Occupational Health and Safety – Call for Papers!

NJOHS (National Journal of Occupational Health and Safety) call for papers which will be publish at our 3rd volume. Please submit your papers through our journal website system at before 30 June 2022. For further details, please refer to the journal website.

Global Concept of Work

Introduction The nature of work is deeply implicated in individual and social life, and is therefore quite a complex topic. James (1997) suggests that there are at least three ways of thinking about and therefore conceptualising work – productivist, instrumental/rational, and cultural/ontological. In productivist terms, work can be thought of as “efficient, purposive, socially useful [...]

Global Concept: Safety

The OHS Body of Knowledge (OHS BoK) has three global concepts: Work, Safety; and Health.1 In 2012, having been asked to define ‘Safety’ in the OHS BoK chapter on Global Concept: Safety, the author wrote “Safety is a large topic that resists simple definition.” (Dekker, 2012, p. 1.) He then explored four questions or viewpoints: [...]