dr. Chandra Satrya, MAppSc
chandra@ui.ac.id chandra.satrya@gmail.com


- Medical Doctor from Universitas Indonesia
- Master in Safety Science from University of New South Wales, Australia

Pengalaman Kerja

- PERTAMINA. Medical Doctor, Occupational Health Specialist
- Head of CHC, Health Ministr of Indonesia
- Chairman of Post Graduate Program in OHS, FKM Universitas Indonesia
- Chairman of OHS Department FKM Universitas Indonesia
- Lecturer in OHS Department FKM Universitas Indonesia
- Head of Centre for Assessment and Application of OHS, FKM Universitas Indonesia
- Government Consultant (Dir ESDM, Depnakertrans).
- Company Consultant (Oil & Gas, Mining,Manufacture).

Bidang Keahlian

- Assessment/Evaluation/Develop of OHS System
- Assessment/Evaluation/Develop Risk Management Program
- Emergency Response Preparedness
- Accident Investigation
- Assessment and improve the Company/Goverment Safety Culture
- Develop/improve company Safety Leadership
- Assessment/Evaluation/Develop of Contractor Safety Management System.
- Industrial, Office Ergonomic Risk Assessment (Pain, Fatigue, Shiftwork)
- Ergonomic Design of Office Workplace,
- Ergonomic Design of Industrial Workplace
- Work System Efficiency
- Organization Sociotechnical System Design
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"Health and safety is a fundamental part of business. Boards need someone with passion and energy to ensure it stays at the core of the organization OSH measures can only deliver to their full potential if they have the unequivocal commitment of an organization's board and senior management. High-level management, not just line management or specialists, must be directly involved in implementing OSH policies."
Quotes from health and safety leaders in the public and private sectors.